Tips to Choose The Right Wire and Cable For Your Home

Whether you want to build an electrical system for a new home or changing it for existing premises, you need to select the right type of wire or cables to ensure safety and durability. Make your home safe and electrical shockproof by selecting the right type of wires or cables. You will find various types of wires in the market, but which one will you select? Often it is difficult to choose the right wire. Hence, to overcome this difficulty, here we are presenting tips to make the appropriate selection of wires/cables for your house.

1. Check the wire insulation

Choose an electric wire that has three layers. Amongst the three layers, the first layer is for water resistant, second is heat or high temperature resistant, and the third layer is for fire retardant. Also, the highest temperature withstands by the insulation without melting should be + 100o C. This factor is crucial to make your home’s electrical system safe and secure.

2. Select the high quality material

In general, electric wires or cables are made of both Aluminium and Copper. But, when you are selecting wires for your home, you should always prefer copper wires only. Besides, choose the wires that have multiple strands instead of single strand wires. And above all, the electric wire must have ISI mark which indicates the superior quality. The good quality wires will be safe and long-lasting so that you can protect your premises along with saving on cost.

3. Colour of wire insulation

Choose red, yellow and blue colour insulation for the three phases. Black coloured wire for neutral and green for earth wire. Generally, three-phase wires are in black, red and blue and neutral is in grey or white. And, the green wire is used for earthing.

4. Pick the correct size of cables

Three factors contribute to the selection of cable size. First, Voltage regulation. Second, Short circuit rating, And, current carrying capacity. These factors should be assessed before choosing a cable size! oftentimes, short circuit rating and voltage regulation factors are overlooked. This overlooking can result in danger to your property and the damage of the cable itself.

In addition, you should always go for the branded electrical items that offer ultimate safety and quality. As you are investing a huge amount of money for the electrical wire system for your property, it is advisable to select the right type of wire for the right location. For instance, the underground wiring requires different types of cables than the outside wires.

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