Types of cable trays

Types Of Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Trays :

A prefabricated metal structure consisting of a bottom with openings within the cable bearing surface. Solid bottom Cable Trays completely eliminate cable sagging and offer maximum protection for the cables.

Ladder Cable Trays :

Swaged rounded tubular (Aluminum or Steel) or welded c-channel (steel). A
prefabricated metal structure consisting of two side rails connected by individual transverse embers or rungs. Cable Ladder Trays are the most common and most economical types of trays. They also provide maximum ventilation for cabling. As per the client’s requirements, we can customize our cable tray range in the following models:

Grey color enamel paint or powder coat
Fabrication in pre – galvanized steel or hot dip galvanized


The Zinc used to manufacture this Hot dip galvanized cable trays has 99.99% purity. The process is recommended for cable tray used in most outdoor environments and many harsh industrial environment applications such as moisture areas and coastal areas.

Powder Coated :

Recommend for indoor areas and not for the places where the direct sunlight falls. Due to excessive heat, it starts peeling and fading under high temperature. It gives a smooth and appealing finish. The Powder coated Cable trays are widely used and suited for maximum moisture areas like coastal areas due to low electricity conductivity of the material.

GI :

Approximately widely used in 70% of the industrial area. It is cost-effective,protects against a wide variety of environmental chemicals, and is self-healing if an area becomes unprotected through cuts or scratches It has lesser life when compared to HDGI Cable Trays due to lesser coating but it has less cost and good surface finish.

You can also choose the best wires from our variety of wires and cables.

Standard Cable Tray Accessories

Sr.No Size in mm Product Details Types
Width Height Thickness Length Material Finishing
1 50
2 75
3 100 Mild Steel
4 150 (CRCA Sheet)
5 200 25 1.2 (IS : 1079 ; 1994 /
6 300 40 1.6 IS : 513 ; 1994) HDGI Straight Cable Trays
7 450 75 2 2500 Enamel Painted Returned (Edge/Flange)
8 500 100 2.5 Aluminum Powder Coated "U" Type
9 600 125 3 (IS : 737 ; 1986)
10 750
11 800 Pre Galvenized
12 900
13 1000
Note: Special sizes can be offered as per client requirements. Above sizes are for reference.
Cable tray accessories

Cable Tray Accessories

Horizontal Tee :

Horizontal Equal & Unequal Type With Straight Radius Tee
Horizontal Equal & unequal Type With Curved Radius Tee

Horizontal Bend :

90° & 45° Horizontal Flat Bend With Straight Radius
90° & 45° Horizontal Flat Bend With Curved Radius

Horizontal Cross :

Horizontal Equal & Unequal Type With Straight Radius Cross
Horizontal Equal & unequal Type With Curved Radius Cross

Vertical Riser :

Vertical Inside & Outside Riser With Straight Radius
Vertical Inside & Outside Riser With Curved Radius

Offset reducer:

Straight, Right Hand & Left Hand Reducer.

Cable Tray Covers :

Screw on Type Cover.
Flat Cover.

Applications of Cable Tray

Electrical wiring of buildings and structures
Heavy duty power distribution in industries.
Cable management in commercial & industrial construction.

Why AR-Lex Cable Trays

Good corrosion resistance.
Durable and extremely user-friendly.
Can effectively withstand dynamic load and has a very high service life.
Available in various lengths and types, as per client’s requirements.

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