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Hohm Lanre Smart Plug

Hohm Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs are the first easy step into home automation.
Now all family members can control multiple appliances in the house from
anywhere. Program daily and weekly schedules, automate ON/OFF, select
countdown timing to prevent overcharging of appliances, track power
consumption, etc. with just a click on the app or a voice command.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Energy Metering
  • Countdown Timer
  • Controlled with Hohm App
  • Compatible with Alexa/Google Home
  • Scene Control
  • Manual Control Available

Available in 2 variants:

  • 10A (For low power devices like mosquito repellent, mobile charger, lamp, etc.)
  • 16A (For high power devices like AC, water heater, fridge, motor, pumps, etc.)

Hohm Mirai IR Blaster

Control all IR devices at home with your smartphone; anytime, anywhere. The Wi-Fi enabled Smart IR not just eliminates the hassle of using a separate remote control for every device but also supports up to 80,000+ appliances, including your home theater, music, lighting, temperature and more. Turn your room into a smart room with one tap.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Controlled with Hohm App
  • Compatible with Alexa/Google Home
  • Controls all infrared devices
  • Scene Control

Smart Door Locks

  • Biometric Unlock
  • Manual Key Unlock
  • Pin Unlock
  • RF Card Based Unlock Mechanism
  • Hohm App Based Unlock Mechanism
  • Available for all kind of door (composite wood, glass, etc)
  • Battery operated (100% wire free)

Hohm Luisant Smart Panel

Spice up your ceiling with the Wi-Fi enabled Hohm Luisant Smart Panel. With its soft,
glare-free illumination, these panels can accentuate the beauty of any room and give it a
dream-like feel.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Dimming
  • Multi CCT Control
  • Controlled with Hohm App
  • Compatible with Alexa/Google Home
  • Linked with Multiple Devices
  • Scene Control
  • 10 W & 15 W
  • Available in Square and Round Shapes

Hohm Stolz Smart Fan

Create your ideal comfort level through a mobile app or voice command. The Wi-Fi enabled
Hohm Stolz Smart Fan lets you set schedules, preferences and can be controlled remotely from
anywhere in the world.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Anti-Virus*
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Rust
  • Anti-Dust
  • Mobile App Control (Android/iOS)
  • Remote Control (through IR Remote)
  • Voice Assistant Control (Alexa/Google Home)
  • Technical Details
  • Sweep (mm) – 1200
  • Power (watts) – 75
  • Speed (RPM) – 400
  • Air Delivery (Max/Min) – 230

Video Door Phones

  • 100 % wire free ( Battery Operated)
  • Can be operated through Hohm app
  • Rechargeable battery-powered
  • Motion detection amd alerts
  • Support full duplex audio
  • Supports micro SD card (max 128 GB) storage
  • Supports wired/wireless chime
  • Low battery notification
  • IR cut night vision
  • Also available with 8inch touch screen