A well-established electrical system is the most important requirement for your office, home or any other commercial building. Whether it is household equipment or machinery, it requires a large amount of electrical energy to function properly. So, it is mandatory to maintain safety measures while operating such devices. Voltage fluctuations caused by power surges can be hazardous and threatening. But, don’t worry! There is a mechanism of MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker to offer you safety while handling the electric equipment. Want to know how to install MCBs? Go through this article which will guide you through step by step explanation to install MCBs.

Step 1: Identify the spot to Install the MCB

First and foremost, turn off the power supply to the electric panel. Look for the MCB arrangement for an unused location to accommodate a circuit breaker. If the unused location has a knockout plate, you should remove it before the installation. Now, you need to remove the electrical panel cover and make sure that the power is off so that begin the process further. Place the new circuit breaker next to an existing MCB. The new MCB you install will need to be placed next to a circuit breaker already in place.

Step 2: Place the MCB in the Panel

First, In order to place the circuit breaker, make sure you select the correct circuit breaker which is allowed to be installed in the panel. Then, select the MCB handle to the OFF position to install it easily. Generally, the miniature circuit breaker has 3 possible positions; ON, OFF and a mid-position when TRIPPED.

So, when you push the handle towards the OFF before installing the breaker, you are actually ensuring your own safety while completing the installation process. Now, To fit the circuit breaker properly, align it with the bars in the panel, and apply pressure to the breaker so that it can be attached to the plastic bar. Press heavily on the circuit breaker to fix it onto the bar. Finally, Connect the circuit wiring to the electrical panel. But, make sure the circuit breaker is still in the OFF position.

Step: 3: Test the installation

Remove knockout plates from your cover as required. You can simply grip with the pliers. Then move it back and forth until it comes away. Now you can turn on the main breaker and test your new miniature circuit breaker. At last, do not forget to label the circuit breaker for future references.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and successfully install a circuit breaker to the electric panel on your premises. Do not forget about the safety measures while completing the process. Group AR is a well-known Polycab Dealer in Ahmedabad who sells branded Miniature Circuit Board, ELCB, Distributor Board, Isolators, Surge Protection Devices and many more. Also, the company sells top quality MCB Isolators in Ahmedabad that will provide you with optimal safety. Contact us to get more details on the types of MCBs that you can select for your premises.