What do you look for when you buy a motor? Cost or Quality?

Most of the time companies look for the purchase cost over the maintenance cost. When you invest more in a high-quality product, you have long term benefits, especially for motor-driven systems. So, it is advisable to purchase a highly efficient motor rather than saving capital by selecting the motor with low efficiency.

Whether you need it for pumps, fans, compressors, refrigeration, ventilation, conveyors, or fluid handling, the power cost of a motor-driven system will be higher as compared to its acquisition cost. Furthermore, When you make a decision to purchase motors, it is essential to consider the specifications. On average, the energy cost of a motor over ten years is more than 25X the acquisition cost. And, many industries will keep the motor functioning for a longer period. Think this way, If a motor-driven system can be 20% more productive, it will help in saving more than 5X of its purchase cost in energy. Hence, it is crucial to look for energy consumption. while buying motors.

The highly efficient electric device will help you to perform more work so that it is imperative to go for the motors that have more efficiency and save energy. Now, let’s understand the basics of a high efficient motor?

What is a high-efficient motor?

Generally, a motor with superior efficiency is identified with the two major factors;

  1. Size of the motor
  2. Performance quality

The LV motors are almost 96% effective to save energy. These motors are a proper choice for industries to increase production in less time with a lower level of energy consumption. As per the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), (International Efficiency), IE1/IE2/IE3 are highly efficient motors.

The efficiency of a motor is the ratio of the electrical power input to mechanical power output. It is expressed in percentage. To perform more work per unit of electricity consumed, the motors are manufactured with specific design and materials. The energy efficient motors usually have higher longer insulation, service factors, longer bearing lives, less vibration, and power waste heat output.

As a rule of thumb, motors consume almost 70% of electrical energy in industries. When you purchase electric motors with improved efficiencies, you are not only saving energy but also other operating costs. Hence, while you select the industrial motors, opt for energy-efficient motors with high-quality features and superior production techniques. Of course, it would escalate its purchase price but the efficiency would be higher too.

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