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A.C. Drives / VFDs

We offer AC Drives /VFDs in association with L and T-Yaskawa & Bharat Bijlee-KEB From 0.5 to 1200 HP.

These AC Drives / VFDs are open to all serial network protocols.
It covers every Automation need in the industry.
These drives are with V/F Control, Sensor less- Vector Control & Closed-Loop Vector Control Features.

Servo Drives & Servo Motors

We offer wide range of Servo-Products from 30 Watts to 75 Kilo-Watts Power Range in association with L and T-Yaskawa (Made in Japan) and Bharat Bijlee –KEB (Made in Germany).

Servo-drives are fully digital & compatible with various networking protocols like Profibus, CANOpen, Sercos, Device Net, MODbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT & Profinet.
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Low & Medium inertia for application requiring precision, high accuracy & speed.
Options of various feedback devices like Encoder, Resolver, Endat, Sin/Cos Encoders & Hiperface.

Motion Controller

Motion control is a sub-field of automation, encompassing the systems or subsystems involved in moving parts of machines in a controlled manner. Group AR leverages decades of expertise and tech innovation to provide motion controllers for customers with a comprehensive range of industries.

KEB (Made in Germany) & Yaskawa (Made in Japan) make Multi-Axes Motion Controllers.
From 1 to 256 Axes of Synchronised Control.
Programming using CoDesys (IEC 61131-3 Standard), a leading Programming Tool.


Computer dominant based PLC/HMI products render the means by which process group interacts with the PLC control system. The combination of a human-machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) grants a lean automation solution.

L and T make PLCs with 10-48 I/Os to 16-1600 I/Os with racks of 12 slots.
L and T make touch-screen HMI from 4” to 15” display size.

DC Drives

Maximum flexibility for DC drives by world-class brand Sprint Electric -U.K. Our collection of DC drives gives you the adaptability to design your system or industrial process to take benefit of the technology. With impressive 2/4 Quadrant Operation and 12 to 2250 Amperes & 5 to 980 kW range.

Sprint Electric (Made In U.K) make high-performance Digital DC drives.
With 2/4 Quadrant Operation.
From 12 to 2250 Amperes & 5 to 980 kW range.

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