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The Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) are specially created for intense tropical climates. Whereas few are also for industrial applications which offer self-monitoring with all fundamental security.

Available in 3P & 4P and 400A to 6300A
With Thermal Magnetic & Microprocessor


Our rich range of Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, MCCBs for Industrial Applications with the microprocessor-based discharge with adjustable settings. MCCB is also available with Thermal Magnetic & Microprocessor.

Available in 3P & 4P and 16A to 1250A.
With Thermal Magnetic & Microprocessor.


MPCB gives overload and short-circuits security for all electrical applications. MPCB is available in 0.1 to 34A with rocker and rotary type. The thermal & magnetic elements, adjustable with a wide band, make the Group AR MCCBs is ideal for the rising distribution demands for Motor Protection Circuit Breaker.

Available in 0.1 to 34A.
Rocker and Rotary type.

Switch Fuse Units

Group AR wide range of switch fuse units: A complete range of Conventional Switch Fuse Units in Single, Double & Three pole configurations is offered to suitable for 2P, 3P & 4P with & without enclosure and 32A to 800A. They are fit for multiple types of industrial applications.

Available in 2P, 3P & 4P with & without enclosure and 32A to 800A.

HRC Fuse

Need secure and reliable HRC fuse for your infrastructure? Group AR offers Hi-Quality HRC Fuse range. We are leading supplier of most recommended HRC fuse series. Great Services. High-Quality Products.

Available in 2A to 800A.


A contactor is an electrically measured switch applied for switching an electrical power circuit. A contactor is basically verified by a circuit, which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit. There are many contactors from popular brands on our catalog.

Available in 1P to 4P and 9A to 650A.

Capacitor Duty Contractors

Browse through our range of Capacitor Duty Contactors. We thrive to only offer world- class quality products. We endeavor Capacitor Duty Contactors units to enhance the power quality catalog.

Available in 8.5 to 80 KVR.


Types of capacitors are film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, electrolyte capacitors, depending on dielectric used. There are many different types of Electrolytic Capacitors. Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. There are Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor, the plain foil type, etched foil type, Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors as per application. In cylindrical & box type.

MPP & APP type and also APFC Relay.
Available in 5 to 160 KVR.
Cylindrical & Box type.


MCB changeovers switching to an alternate source of supply are ideal for smooth and safe substitution of electricity from supply to Generator. Changeovers is available in 63 to 1000A, with & without an enclosure. Group AR provides an exclusive range of Euroload Changeover Switch suitable for both AC and DC application.

Available in 63 to 1000A, with & without enclosure.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

Group AR offers a wide selection of automatic transfer switches (ATS), from 160 to 1600 Amperes in range. They have the characteristics and functionality that makes them apt for different applications: industrial plants, airports and data stations.

Available in 3P & 4P manual & automatic and with / without enclosure.

Street Lighting Panels

Group AR is recognized in the market as one of the reputed distributor and supplier of Street Light Control Panel. Our offered panels are extensively used in 6kw & 12kw with the timer. Excellent quality assortment proximity Sensor, Street Light Controller, Photoelectric Sensor and timers etc.

Available in 6kw & 12kw with timer.

Overload Relays

Overload relays are budgetary electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit. They give reliable security for motors overload or phase failure. The overload relay benefits are reliable protection for motors, optimized contactors. single mounting kits and wire reset for remote control possible for precise applications.

Available in 0.2 to 570A.


We at Group AR offer an excellent grade of Starter. These starters are used in commercial, industrial and residential.  Industries are leading distributor for DOL & FASD, Soft Starters is available in 0.5 Hp to 75Hp and more.

Available in 0.5 Hp to 75Hp.
Soft Starters.

Bus Bar Chambers

In electric power distribution, a busbar is a metallic strip or bar, typically housed inside switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures. Find here details of the excellent quality of  Bus-bar Chambers.

Available in 100A to 800A
Available in 4way/6way/8way

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