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Tips to Choose The Right Wire and Cable For Your Home

Whether you want to build an electrical system for a new home or changing it for existing premises, you need to select the right type of wire or

Ceiling Fan Vs Standing Fan: Which One To Choose From?

One of the most important electronic inventions is Fan. It is the necessities for your home or commercial location. The style and type of fans have

Steps to Install MCB’s

A well-established electrical system is the most important requirement for your office, home or any other commercial building. Whether it is

Save Energy with Efficient Motors

What do you look for when you buy a motor? Cost or Quality? Most of the time companies look for the purchase cost over the maintenance cost. When

Know the Difference Between Wires and Cables

Talk with electricians or wiremen or dealers in electricals and with buyers. The terms cables and wires are often used interchangeably. There,

Maintenance Tips for Industrial Cables and Wires

Industrial cables differ from cables and wires used in domestic and commercial installations such as Polycab house wires. In keeping with the end

The History of Ceiling Fans

A breeze is what keeps you cool. For times when there is no natural breeze, human beings resorted to use of a hand-held fan to keep cool. It is not

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Switches For Your Home

An electric switch is a mechanical device that makes or breaks a connection in an electrical circuit. There are so many different types of switches

Things to Consider Before Buying an MCB

The fusebox and mechanical switch in electrical circuits have been replaced by the more modern and effective miniature circuit breaker or MCB as it

Cable Trays and Types Useful Information Worth Knowing

Cable trays are one of the components in electrical wiring and distribution, especially in industrial and commercial installations. Know about the

What is Switchgear? Features, Components & Classification

Switchgear plays a vital role in the overall power distribution and consumption system. Generally speaking, switchboards are the term one uses to

Home Automation Reduces Stress, Increases Happiness and Helps You Enjoy Life

The lifestyle of modern, professional families in Ahmedabad is not much different from those in advanced countries. Both husband and wife work long