• Luxury combined with Necessity, is the focal point of architecture of modern day homes. Home Automation systems have become a part of it to give additional luxury to the residents.
  • Home Automation is nothing but simple integration of different electrical functions in the house like lighting, curtains, shutters, heating & cooling equipments, sprinklers, audio & video devices, video-door phones etc. It also allows interaction with your mobile phone, PC or tablets.
  • We offer designing, installation, commissioning & maintenance support for KNX based Automation Solutions.

Lighting Management

  • Turn ON/ OFF/ DIM the lights of house from smart devices.
  • Configure the lighting scenarios like ‘Welcome’; ‘Morning’; ‘Relaxed’; ‘TV Viewing’; ‘Away’ etc as per customer’s mood & requirement.
  • By selecting the ‘Away’ scene all the lights & other electrical appliances will be turned OFF, Intruder Alarm System or Simulation Mode will be turned ON.
  • Presence Sensors based lighting to detect the occupancy & turn ON/ OFF/ DIM the lights of wash-rooms, corridors or parking as necessary.
  • RGB lighting control from your smart devices.

Blinds and Curtains Control

  • Depending on the LUX levels outside the home, blinds/ curtains can OPEN / CLOSE & lights can turned ON / OFF / DIM accordingly.
  • Operation of Blinds / Curtains can be done from smart devices.

Audio/ Video Systems Integration

  • At a simple finger touch your ‘Home Theater’ is ready by turning the lights OFF, turning ON the audio-video equipments and the Air Conditioner at your comfort-level.
  • Setting up of multi-room / multi-source audio system to facilitate playing of different music in different rooms at a time.

Heating and Cooling Controls

  • Control the temperature of rooms from your i-phones, Android phones, Android tablets or i-pads.
  • Temperature of the room can be linked with the ‘scenarios’.

Safety and Security

  • CCTV surveillance of the entire periphery of house & other required areas.
  • From the Video-door phone OPEN/ CLOSE the main-door to allow the entry of visitors.
  • Gas-leakage sensors to detect gas-leaks & trigger an alarm.
  • Press the ‘Emergency Button’ for any kind of emergency to turn ON the alarm or pre-configured lighting to indicate the same to other members of the home & the neighbours.

Automatic Gates/ Shutters

  • OPEN/ CLOSE the entrance-gate or parking shutter at your finger-tips.

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