Cables and Wires


Tips to choose the right wire/cable for your home

Whether you want to build an electrical system for a new home or changing it for existing premises, you need to select the right type of wire or cables to ensure safety and durability. Make your home safe and electrical shockproof by selecting the right type of wires or cables. You will find various types of wires in the market,

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Know the Difference Between Wires and Cables

Talk with electricians or wiremen or dealers in electricals and with buyers. The terms cables and wires are often used interchangeably. There, however, is a distinction between the two as you will see below. Wire: In general terms a wire is a length of metal with circular, square or rectangular cross section but in the latter case it is termed

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Maintenance Tips for Industrial Cables and Wires

Industrial cables differ from cables and wires used in domestic and commercial installations such as Polycab house wires. In keeping with the end user, such cables may be the armoured or non-armoured type, single insulated or double insulated, single core or multi-core types and heavy duty cables may even have insulation filling. The conductors are usually thicker and are made

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Cable Trays and Types Useful Information Worth Knowing

Cable trays are one of the components in electrical wiring and distribution, especially in industrial and commercial installations. Know about the types of cable trays and applications from the top dealers of cable trays in Ahmedabad. Types of cable trays and applications Cable trays can be classified into different types of cable trays such as: Ladder type: Due to its

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