Things to Consider Before Buying an MCB

The fusebox and mechanical switch in electrical circuits have been replaced by the more modern and effective miniature circuit breaker or MCB as it is generally known. From the outside, all MCBs look alike. It is what is inside that makes a difference to the safety of life and safety of expensive wiring in homes offices and industries. Since it

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Cable Trays and Types Useful Information Worth Knowing

Cable trays are one of the components in electrical wiring and distribution, especially in industrial and commercial installations. Know about the types of cable trays and applications from the top dealers of cable trays in Ahmedabad. Types of cable trays and applications Cable trays can be classified into different types of cable trays such as: Ladder type: Due to its

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What is Switchgear? Features, Components & Classification

Switchgear plays a vital role in the overall power distribution and consumption system. Generally speaking, switchboards are the term one uses to designate low voltage switching whereas switchgear connotes HT usage scenarios. The switchgear system The term “switch” brings to mind a device that makes or breaks an electrical contact. In the industrial and LT/HT context switchgear is more complex

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Home Automation Reduces Stress, Increases Happiness and Helps You Enjoy Life

The lifestyle of modern, professional families in Ahmedabad is not much different from those in advanced countries. Both husband and wife work long hours to maintain standard of living and quality of life. While luxurious houses may boast of all amenities it does take time and effort to use and manage them. Time is becoming more precious and lack of

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Home Automation System: A Virtual Personal assistant to make your life easy

Do you remember if you have switched off the fan and lights while going to Office? Have you forgotten to turn off the AC today as well? Are you wondering how to get your cake baked by the time you arrive home? I know a lot such incidents happen in your routine life and becoming a perfectionist is not possible

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